Site Work

Residential to Industrial Site Prep.

Walters Excavating can handle your project from design to the finished product. We specialize in site prep work from grading, cuts and fills, asphalt and concrete. Walters also installs underground utilities, including but not limited to water, storm, sanitary sewer, electric, and gas.

Sink Hole Repair

The Sink Hole Professionals

Walters has been repairing sink holes in the Lehigh Valley for decades. From small holes to very large holes involving buildings, we have done it all. The Lehigh Valley is very prone to sink holes, so give Walters Excavating a call, and let us earn your business.

Milling & Paving

Multiple Width Cut Mills, and Paving From Patches to Roads to Parking Lots

The Wirtgen W200 has a 7.5’ wide cut, reducing the number of passes needed, compared to other smaller mills. This enables us to provide 1' wide, 3.5' wide, and 7.5' wide cut mills. Being local in the Lehigh Valley, we can provide a cost effective and quality final product for both small and big jobs.


Precision Demolition

Walters has been doing demolition all over the valley, from small single family dwellings, to large industrial structures. We have cleaned up many fire scenes as well that were very close to structures and roads that remained intact. Let Walters Excavating handle your next demolition project.

Pipe Video Inspection

Robotic Camera Inspection Unit Trailer

Walters Excavating has a STEERABLE Rovver X system with 1,000 feet of cable, that can be used for inspecting water, storm, sanitary sewer, or any other confined space. Our system is adaptable to fit in as small as 6" pipe, with it's camera elevator system and large diameter pipe base, this system can do it all. It can also be used for areas that are unsafe to get into. The inspection is documented on digital media for your use, and ease of storage.

Parking Lot and Street Sweeping

Sweeping and Vacuum Trucks

With multiple methods of cleaning, we can help you with the project you have at hand. Please contact us for your scheduled maintenance or one time jobs, and let us earn your business.


Construction Stakeout and Design

Walters Excavating offers state of the art surveying equipment, that enables us to provide accurate and timely layout, as well as existing features of site conditions. We also offer concept designs and construction design. By providing this service we no longer are required to wait on third party surveying crews.

Emergency Response

24 Hour Emergency Service Response Team

When you are in the middle of a crisis or disaster, our response team will be there to ASSIST you! Our personnel will not take over the scene, but rather be a vessel for the agency or municipality, to get the job done. Our personnel are very knowledgeable, and have the same goals you do. Goals like getting the job done the Fastest, Safest, and most reasonable.

Walters Excavating has been serving our community and customers since 1980! With experience in both, the Fire Service and Construction, our team will be able to mitigate the scenario at hand.

When what you have on scene just isn't enough, we will be with you every step of the way! Just give us one call, and we will activate the emergency team, and be with you shortly.
24hrs/365days a year. Our service include:
Fire Damage
Heavy Debris Cleanup
Water and Sewer Breaks
Sink Holes
Wildland Fire
Flood Damage
Road Repair.
Planning for your emergency before it happens is key to a quick and organized response. Contact us to set up our emergency response like other municipalites and emergency agencies in our area.
Alternate # 484-357-8794

Snow Removal

Municipal, Industrial, Commercial and Residential

We have been doing snow removal for 30+ years always doing the best and most economical job for the customer. Please contact us for your snow removal needs, and let us earn your business.